Discover optimal alignment in your posture and practice. Yoga anatomy and the knowledge of bio-mechanics will help you shift patterns of weakness and limitation to feel more free, joyful, and expressive in your body! The physical body is a gateway to deeper understanding of the subtle, emotional, and energetic layers of who we are. With yoga, we reclaim our wholeness. As connectivity increases, we become healthier and smarter and more on track with our life purpose.


Accomplish things you never thought you could…physically, mentally, and emotionally! Connect to your inner wisdom and authenticity.

Recognize and cultivate your gifts as you learn to bring what is within you forward, in the way of effective teaching.

Live the light of your TRUTH, and share with others for the benefit of all beings!


Be a part of a supportive, heart-centered community/tribe of yogis committed to your success! Connect with a consistent group of like-minded friends, who will witness, support and encourage your growth!

Feel safe to expand your wings within the sacred space of our studio as you learn at your own pace. Honor yourself for who you are and believe in the gifts you have to offer.


The benefits of this teacher training program are rewarding and extensive. During this full year immersion we go deep into the practice of asana, pranyama, meditation, mantra, myth, yoga philosophy, optimal bio mechanics, ayurveda, journaling, teaching techniques, hands on adjustments, the “Hero’s Journey”, and the psychology of yoga. Embody your wisdom through personal practice and healing integration. Empower your body, mind, and heart, to be a vessel for light and love. Heal yourself. Serve the world.


Yoga is designed to take you on a journey deep into yourself. to the source of your limitless creativity and freedom. Tap into your inner well-spring. Experience the abundance of your being through your practice then, learn how to guide others on the Path home to their hearts as well. Embody freedom, ease, joy, love, connection, and community you never realized was possible. Open to profound healing on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sign up for our yoga teacher training program today and commit to YOURSELF, your growth, and your empowerment. YOU are what changes the world!


Our Yoga Teacher Training Program will help weave the transformative benefits of yoga into all areas of your life. Even if you don't intend to teach, you'll reap the profound benefits of a deep shift in awareness as you commit to this journey. In particular, this program is ideal if any of the following are true...
  • You want to integrate yoga more fully into all areas of your daily life
  • You want to connect with a heart-centered community of like minded yogi's who are there to support you on all levels
  • You might want to teach yoga sometime in the future
  • ​You want to learn more about detailed alignment in yoga asana’s, therapeutic yoga, philosophy, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques and more
  • ​You want to heal your mind, body, spirit, and/or emotions


The program consists of 12 training sessions, which are held one weekend per month, for a year. Sessions will take place on Saturdays two times per month from 9am to 5pm.

You will have the chance to participate in both active and passive learning, ranging from techniques, training and practice, to methodology, ethics, anatomy and physiology. Every student will complete a teaching practical. During this part of the training, you will learn about observing and assisting, also having the opportunity to lead a supervised group and class teaching including feedback from our instructors.

Allowing a month between sessions offers our trainees the time to assimilate and deepen what they have learned, through personal practice and reflection. Each month, students will be assigned some homework and reading to complete between sessions, further encouraging their self discovery and the growth of their practice.


Starts January 21st, 2022

In short, this program will help you access your most vibrant, soulful, purposeful, and passionate self!

For the sake of transparency, let's touch on how you can fully enroll into our Yoga Teacher Training Program & What We'll Cover...

Non-Scholarship Funded

Choose to enroll for full 12-month program or pay per module.

Tuition Costs: 
$2,800  for full program
$575 per module
*Due to the nature of this training, a call with our team to see if you're a good fit is required.

100% Scholarship - All costs covered through VSAC!

Choose to enroll for full 12-month program or per module. 

Tuition Costs: 
$2,800 for full program
$575 per module
Scholarship funding is the most popular way to enter into our YTT Program and rightfully so! It is important to note that funding will expire shortly after the New Year so NOW is the time to book a call with Andrea (to make sure this is a good fit) and complete your application. 
*Partial Scholarships also available through VSAC application process if you would like to enroll per module.
*Due to the nature of this training, a call with our team to see if you're a good fit is required. During this call we can also assist with application details

Build Your Own Yoga Teacher Training!

That's right! If you're not wanting to enroll in a full 12 month program or if you are an existing Yoga Teacher wanting to improve in certain areas, you can now do that!
Modules 1 - 5 are listed below with dates. Choosing to enroll in modules will give you access to all content and trainings during the same dates listed on the course outline. 

Join Today for
$575 per module
*Due to the nature of this training, a call with our team to see if you're a good fit is required.
Doors are open now! 
We won't be back until next year!
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